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Eden Gate Blueberry Farm provides a wide range of blueberry and other fruit products. All are available direct from the farm, and some are available by mail order or over the net. We are very proud of our quality and our guarantees of service.



       Fresh during the harvest season (December to February) or frozen throughout the year.

       Fresh blueberries are provided either in 125g punnets, in 250 grams containers, or 500 grams containers at market prices. These are available at the farm (ready picked ) or can be ordered. We deliver weekly to Denmark (Tuesdays) and Albany  (Wednesdays). Please contact us for further information.

       Frozen blueberries are available throughout the year at market prices. Again these can be picked up during opening hours at the farm during the season, at the Albany Farmers Market every Saturdays from 08:00 to 12:00 or by arrangement out of season. We deliver weekly to Albany and Denmark.


Blueberry Liqueur  
  • Blueberry liqueur is a delicious, refreshing alternative to grape wine. It has beautiful berry character. A major attraction of blueberry liqueur is that blueberries do not contain histamines, those natural chemicals in grape wines that cause so many people to suffer from hay fever, headaches, and rosy red faces. It is however alcoholic, so will still cause a hangover if you over indulge.


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Products delivered straight to your front door via Australia Post


Blueberry Products

Our products are made on site in our licensed commercial kitchen. 

         Blueberry Jam - Fabulous blueberry flavour with lots of real blueberries. On toast of course. 250ml jars

         Blueberry Chutney - A traditional chutney with the special addition of nutritious blueberries. Try it on top of  Philadelphia cream cheese and use as a dip. 250ml jars

         Blueberry Vinaigrette A traditional salad dressing made with blueberry vinegar. The way we like it - fill the little hole in an avocado with the vinaigrette, add salt and pepper to taste. On all of our salads of course. 250ml jars

         Blueberry Velvet A delightful, sweet topping to pour over ice cream, pancakes, waffles or cheesecake or any other favourite dessert. 250ml jars

         Blueberry Muffins An ever popular favourite. Amanda's muffins are the best you will ever try. Enjoy them in our outdoor setting, served hot from the oven with tea or coffee, or take them away to enjoy later.

         Blueberry Ice cream Absolutely guaranteed to satisfy the most devoted ice cream connaisseur, but beware the calories and the addiction. Made from fresh blueberries, cream and local eggs.


Updated 04th November 2020